★ 4DM Delicate
Provides a fast, flexible and cost-effective production of metal parts.
Proven SLM quality for aerospace, education, tooling, energy and automotive industries.
With a build envelope of 120 x 120 x 100 mm and 200/500 W laser, the Delicate system provides a fast, flexible and cost-effective production of metal parts.

◆ The stable and high-quality laser and optical system guarantee optimum, consist processing conditions of high-quality builds.
◆  Thanks to the modular design, setup and shutdown only take minutes. Changing material and maintenance can be done quickly.
◆  Self-cleaning filter system reduces maintenance and extends filter lifetime, significantly reducing filter costs.
◆  Highly automated operation and maintenance workflow shorten personnel training schedule.
◆  Extensive monitoring feature ensures highly consistent build process and part quality.
◆  Intuitive user interface, flexible software tools and a variety of accessories fulfill production requirements.

★ Technical Date
◇ Build envelope: 120 x 120 x 100 mm
 Laser: fiber laser, 1060-1070 nm, 200/500 W
◇  Optics: F-theta-lens
◇  Scanning speed: up to 7.0 m/s
◇  Spot Size: less than 100 µm
◇  Layer thickness: 10 µm ~ 100 µm
◇  Baseplate preheat: up to 200 °C
◇  Power requirement: 220V 3 phase, 40A, 60Hz
◇  Inert gas supply: N2 or Ar (Building ~5L/min, Purging ~30 L/min)
◇  Dimensions (W x D x H): 1,150 x 1,200 x 1,850 mm
◇  Weight approx.: 850 kg

★ Software
◇  WL-SLM System, WL-BP Tools

★ Materials
◇  Ti6Al4V, Maraging Steel, Stainless Steel 316L, Stainless Steel 420, Stainless Steel 17-4 PH, Cobalt Chrome, Inconel 718, Inconel 625, Inconel HX, etc.

★ Optional accessories
◇  Blasting cabinet, Materialise Magics RP, N2 Generator